Harlem Wizards don't mess around when it comes to dunking

Harlem Wizards breaks glass as he dunks basketball.

Students in the Tri-States got a special treat Saturday night.

The Harlem Wizards put on a show at Baldwin School in Quincy and then played against teachers from schools around the Tri-States.

VW fundraising brought in the Harlem Wizards as part of the school prize program for fundraising.

The organization works with schools and non-profits to help them raise money for various needs.

Any student who sold a fundraising item received a free ticket to Saturday's game.

The top selling students got a private meet and great with the players and were recognized at half-time.

Scott Westhause, co-owner of VW fundraising said they chose the Harlem Wizards because you aren't just a spectator at their shows, you are a part of it.

"We try to get some exciting different programs each year, Westhause said. "In the past we've done magic shows and they were well attended. Quincy's a basketball town, so we thought, why not bring in the Harlem Wizards. It's a good fit."

The Harlem Wizards have been around since 1962.

"The reason we like to go to schools, we like to talk to kids, give them motivational speeches, help them achieve their goals by telling them they can reach any goal as long as they put their mind to it and they stay positive and surround themselves around positive people" Kenny LaBlenda Rodriguez, point guard for the Harlem Wizards said. "As a little kid I always wanted to play professional basketball and entertain people with my wizardry and the tricks that I do with the basketball and now I'm living my dreams."

The game had some technical difficulties towards half-time. One of the Wizards smashed the backboard as he went in for a slam dunk.

After about an hour delay while officials installed a new backboard, the game resumed.

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