Hannibal's lady barber cuttin' em close for more than 30 years

Hannibal's only lady barber Cindy Benjamin

Cindy Benjamin has cut hair in Hannibal for more than 30 years as the owner of

B&B Cut and Style


Whether it's clipping, snipping, or blow drying ... it's all in a days work for


only lady barber Cindy Benjamin.

Benjamin opened her business about 27 years ago when men's hairstyles started to change

"When I was in a full beauty shop that was back when, you know, guys didn't go to the beauty shop," Benjamin said. "Guys were just starting to drizzle in to the beauty shop. But more and more the guys were losing the long hair and going to the shorter hair and the clipper cuts and styles were in."

Over the years Cindy has built a very loyal clientele.

"Cindy is the type that will cut your hair the way you ask her to," longtime client Michael O'Cheltree said." Not the way maybe another barber has decided he wants to cut it ... cause Cindy will listen to you."

You could be forgiven for thinking that B&B Cut and Style is only a man's barber shop. But Cindy has plenty of female clients as well.

"Lot of the ladies don't mind because they bring their kids in and they'll come in and go, " Well why am I going one place and taking my kids someplace else." Benjamin said. " And then the next thing I know everybody's coming, the whole family's coming here."

We asked Cindy to explain why she loves doing what she does.

"I really get to know my customers," Cindy says. "I'm involved in their lives and they can tell you everything about all of my kids and everything I'm doing. It's very family oriented. I have a million bosses. Each person that sits in that chair is my new boss for the day."

Benjamin's oldest client is 99-years-old and her youngest, believe it or not, is only 8-months-old.