Hannibal's hauntings on nightly display

Spooky links to Hannibal's past are on display every night in the historic downtown.

Ken and Lisa Marks have owned and operated Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours for the past five years.

They say the city's rich history holds stories of spirits who love the town so much they don't seem to want to leave. (Click here to see why historians think Hannibal attracts spirits.)

But what makes the tour so different are the experiences of those taking the tour.

Some have actually had personal encounters during the trek around town. (

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The Marks say while not everyone sees or even believes in the paranormal, everyone leaves with a better understanding of Hannibal's past.

"The ghost stories are a lot of fun and they lead you to understand the culture of the town at the time and the history of the buildings that you're looking at," Lisa Marks said.

"We look at ourselves as storytellers and historians, as well as curious about those things that we can't explain," Ken Marks said. "Those energies that are just out there and cold spots because they always seem to be linked to something."

Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours are scheduled seven days a week.

Click here for more information on the Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours.

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