Hannibal's first State of the City address announces new road projects

Hannibal's first State of the City address announces new road projects

A new mayor starts a new tradition in America's Hometown.

Mayor James Hark held Hannibal's first State of the City address Wednesday.

Mayor Hark says Hannibal residents have seen many changes in recent years, and he says there are more to come.

"There's a lot of things going on in the community that I think's important to get out."

And one of those things Mayor Hark says residents will see first is new pavement on 58% of Hannibal's streets.

"One of the most significant things that's occurred this past year and was passed last night at the city council, the bid award was accepted for the street repaving and renovation."

The project is expected to cost a little more than $6 million.

"There will be an interruption in the flow of traffic. There may be a 24-30 hours interruption in the use of your street. But it will be very insignificant compared to the final product."

Curbs will get a new look, too. The city plans to use its new curb machine to fix any problems rather than hiring an outside crew.

"This machine will allow us to do that in house at a significant reduction in cost. Thus that is money we don't have to spend in that area that we can put in other areas."

City officials hope to begin the road work the first week of June. Mayor Hark says work on the curbs will take place simultaneously as needed.

Lastly, the city wants to upgrade its riverfront.

"The new marina will offer security, there will be fencing, cameras, there will be better access, a boat ramp. There will be a fish cleaning station there, boat storage, fuel. The rest of the area is going to be improved into public use where you can go there, walk the riverfront, sit at the benches and watch the river if you want."

Mayor Hark hopes the road, curb, and riverside projects will be finished by 2019 ahead of Hannibal's 200-year anniversary as an incorporated city.

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