Hannibal tutoring program doing more than improving student grades

Caring Hands program builds self-esteem through accomplishment.

A Hannibal tutoring program is doing much more than just helping kids get their homework done each night.

Hannibal 6th grader Jaylon Perkins is just one of the many success stories coming out the Caring Hands Tutoring program.

"In grade school I was like at the Ds and Fs but now I'm at A, Cs and Bs," Perkins said.

Located in the basement of the Willow Street Christian Church tutors from Hannibal LaGrange University and concerned adults from the community help the kids get their homework done.

Willow Street pastor, Rev. Minnie Smith is also the director of the Caring Hands program.

She says it takes advantage of those precious hours right after the school day is over.

"They get their work, before it gets away from them," Rev. Smith said. "And their understanding level is increased and their more confident within themselves and their abilities."

Rev. Smith says that parents are also pleased with the results.

"At 5 o'clock the child is ready for the next day," Smith said. "They can use that evening time for quality things. Hopefully doing positive things with their families."

HLGU student Elizabeth Klenk is studying to be a teacher and says that she is very glad to get this practical hands on experience with the kids.

"It's been an amazing experience," Klenk said. "Especially ... we get to develop close relationships with them. And so when they do well you can just see that it changes and affects their attitudes and how much they want to continue doing well."

Rev. Smith says that the program is opening the kids eyes to a brighter future.

"We want them to know that they're alright and to know that they're learning," Rev. Smith said. "That they're on track. And that they have a great future ahead of them and people are rooting for them."

The Caring Hands Tutoring program is free and open to any kid,kindergarten through 12 grade in the Hannibal area.

The program is funded through the generous donations from the community.

If you would like to help you can send a monetary donation to:

Willow Street Christian ChurchP.O. Box 1169Hannibal Missouri, 63401

Or you can call the church and leave a message at 573-221-4344.