Hannibal teenager cast in movie

Imagine achieving a life long dream at the age of 13.

That's happened to a Hannibal teenager, but she's not about to stop there.

Take a stroll in downtown Hannibal, and you'll probably run into the ambassadors of America's Hometown, Tom and Becky.

"You can walk down the street and people will yell out, 'hey, it's Tom and Becky," Vandelicht said.

For these soon to be eighth graders, playing these characters is a chance to meet people from all over the world. For 13-year-old Taylor Vandelicht, it's more than that.

'I really want to get into the acting industry," Vandelicht said.

And things seems to be going her way. She's currently filming a movie called 'Hercules the Brave and the Bold' in St. Louis.

"It's about Hercules and his life from when he was a kid to when he grows up. He's trying to gain his immortality, but there's something after him and he has a destiny that he has to fulfill," Vandelicht said.

Taylor goes to St. Louis on the weekends when she's needed to film a scene.

"I play Hestia, the Goddess of Fire and Flame," she said.

And that's an evil character who is given the task to kill Hercules, but she just can't because she's in love with him. However, Hestia will kill anyone that's gets between her and Hercules.

"I cause basically a whole bunch of trouble. And I die because someone kills me, and then I come back, and then I die again," Vandelicht said.

Which rules her out of a possible sequel. Once this movie is wrapped up by the end of the year, it'll be entered into film festivals and contests. Where it goes from there is up in the air.

"It's a lot of fun because this is the first film thing I've ever done. I've done theater all of my life, and I've started doing film because that was my original goal," Vandelicht said.

Taylor also does some stunt work in the film. She gets to jump through a window, strangle someone, and kill a character in a sword fight. She says the fact that this character is so far from her personality is what made it a big draw for her to play.

Taylor is also excited because she now has a profile online in the Internet Movie Database.