Hannibal students to learn outdoors with the help of One Class At A Time

From Left: Matt Nelson with Continental Cement/Green America Recycling; January's One Class At A Time recipient, Meghan Karr; Anna Lee Koutz with Titan International, Inc.; and KHQA Vice President of Public Affairs, Carol Sowers

You can learn inside or outside a classroom.

A director for the Early Childhood Center of Hannibal Public Schools wants her students to have the best of both those worlds.

"Well obviously I think i was a little surprised. I think anyone in the office could read it on my face. I was a little shocked because I had had a meeting with Dr. James ... wasn't expecting to walk into an office full of cameras and people," Meghan Karr said.

Karr is the first recipient in the Once Class At A Time program in 2014.

When she applied for the grant, she asked for input from her staff.

"I had talked with my staff and it was one classroom at a time and I thought, you know, we are kind of a smaller building, but we always have a common goal a common vision," Karr said. "One goal we always talk about expanding on was that outdoor learning. Each teacher we kind of worked together but each teacher put their own spin on it."

She wants to increase science based-learning with the thousand dollars.

"Providing more outdoor learning opportunities, science-based activities for our students whether it be through gardening opportunities or exploration or different investigations that we can do using the nature trail with additional tools, or tables or things that will allow us to expand that learning outside," Karr said.

Karr also says all students do not learn the same and this will help.

"All kids don't learn with pencil and paper, we hands on, try to facilitate learning help kids facilitate their learning in many different ways, hands on outdoors is another way to appeal to learners and give them an opportunity to show us what they know and expand on what they know," she explained.

Two of our One Class At A Time sponsors, Green America Recycling and Continental Cement, will also provide volunteers to help build the Outdoor Learning Center.

Click here if you would like to apply to be a part of the One Class at a Time project.