Hannibal sidewalk project takes a step in a new direction

Almost 60 people gathered at the Hannibal City Hall Monday night to share their concerns about a recent sidewalk project on Main Street. By the end of the meeting, a new proposed idea was set in play.

Business owners knew once they saw the design of the new sidewalks on Main Street that there needed to be a change. Julie Rolsen owns Main Street Kitchen in Hannibal. She organized a time with the city to negotiate a possible new plan.

"It's like building a house. Once it's coming together you gotta make some changes. We just have to add a couple weeks on to that. And do a couple changes and we will get it right." Rolsen said.

The original plan created sidewalks on the west side of Main Street to be a six foot side walk, with a four foot second tier side walk next to it about a foot lower. This plan follows the ADA compliance, but it concerned store owners along the road for safety and aesthetic reasons.

The new plan switches the six feet to ten, giving equal walking space on the sidewalk to what the east side of the street has, with a two foot second sidewalk with a curb.

After two hours in the meeting, the residents as well as the city agreed to begin construction of the new plan. Bleigh Construction out of Palmyra is working on the project, which cost eight hundred and twenty-eight thousand dollars.