Hannibal residents take out the trash

An extra 152 tons of trash now sit in an Allied Waste dump in LaGrange, Missouri.

That's thanks to a community-wide effort in Hannibal to clean up the city Saturday. Lines began forming at the dump site at the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Maintenance facility before 7 a.m.

Hannibal residents filled up their cars, trucks, and trailers looking to dispose of unwanted household items. Richard Vavra dropped off a few of his own items that he felt were just taking up space.

"Had an old recliner, and just pretty much stuff that was broken in the house. Had it piled up in my yard. It was kinda getting to be an eye sore," Vavra said.

This was a free service to people from Hannibal, but normally costs money any other day. Some of the people working the event said the rain caused less people to come out at first, but they still saw about 900 vehicles pass through the site.

Hannibal's citywide cleanup takes place every two years.