Hannibal residents come together in spirit of hope

It was standing room only during the service at the Grand View Funeral Home & Burial Park.

The theme of a Memorial Day service in Hannibal on Monday was hope.

It was standing room only during the service at the Grand View Funeral Home & Burial Park.

The service gave attendees an opportunity to recollect on those around that have served their country.

For Phyllis Hunsely, Memorial Day is an opportunity for her to remember her lost love.

"I'm honored to have been Lieutenant Hunsely's wife," said Hunsley.

Phyllis's husband died serving his country in the Vietnam War in 1969, and she has spent the last 45 years honoring his memory.

"He was an extremely special person, and he keeps me grounded," Hunsley said. "He's my angel."

Her husband is buried at the Grand View Burial Park in Hannibal, and although she now lives in Columbia, Missouri, she comes back every year for this service.

She was one of many who attended the service and some raised a flag in honor of those who have passed on.

Staff Sergeant Richard Mallone spoke at the service.

Mallone joined the army just before the age of 18.

"I was 17, my mom had to sign parental consent," said Mallone. "My dad was my inspiration. He's a 23 year veteran, he was currently in the army at the time, and I always knew I wanted to follow in his foot steps."

Mallone spoke on the idea of hope, and a united community.

"The American dream is still alive, and we still are one country united," Mallone said. "That's what our hope is founded in."

Hunsley found Mallone's message touching and felt she could connect with it.

"From the part of the sergeants message, the word hope. It's nice to see different walks of life do the services," Hunsley said.

A final point Mallone tried to emphasize was as a community and nation, we need to come together.

"Go out and be something, be a part of something bigger than yourself," Mallone said. "We're all individuals, but we need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Be a part of a team."