Hannibal remembers a fallen soldier

Dozens of friends and family members gathered in Hannibal this morning, to pay their respects to Retired Army Sergeant Paul McAlister. The thirty-seven year old man died in his home Monday. He retired from the Army after he lost both of his legs in the Iraq war. He died from complications from those injuries.

"He was this really caring, outgoing person, loved being outside, loved taking care of things. He always putting others before himself. He was a very thoughtful person," said Sgt. Paul McAlister's brother, Nathan Wilson

Patriot Guard Riders headed up the funeral procession from Hannibal to Quincy.

"For us to come out for this family and this soldier, starts the healing process for this family because they feel they are not alone, and they shouldn't be alone at this time," said Patriot Guard rider Vern Bastian.

McAlister was laid to rest at Sunset Cemetary at the Illinois Veterans Home with full military funeral honors. {NATS}. Family members say the support of the community is helping them get through this tough time.

"I feel a lot of respect for all these people right now. It's holding me together. Just everybody here. It makes me feel proud, you know? It makes me feel proud," said brother Jacob McAlister.

Tears were flowing, and so were memories...

"I love him, I'm going to miss him dearly. We had a lot of good times together," said McAlister's brother, Jacob Wilson.