Hannibal Public Schools save green by being green

Hannibal Public Schools decided to reduce its carbon footprint a few years ago.

Hannibal Public Schools decided to reduce its carbon footprint a few years ago. The decision has saved the district $577,000 since April 2011.

"Obviously we have to have so many electronics for our day to day business but when you leave most of those things can be turned off," Alan Gottman, Energy Education Specialist for Hannibal Public Schools said.

Gottman says turning off devices like computers and printers saves a lot of money.

"Ok, this is what we need to do to help us save money, and the money that we save here can go for education, which is what we are all about so its kind of a win win for us," Gottman said.

He also says saving money allows them to spend money on other energy saving procedures like a remote monitoring system.

Another way the district saves money is by a process called "setback".

At night when the school is empty, the building's thermometers are set on a low temperature, like 55 degrees.

This turns off the system so it is not running needlessly.

Gottman says these practices have paid off | and not only for the schools.

"I've kind of got on my wife a little bit and every now and then you know I'll forget and believe me she'll tell me about it, you left the light on, yep I sure did. I'm not infallible either, you do feel bad when you do it, Gottman said.

He also believes going green now will help students in the long run.

"I know it's getting home, we've had question for parents, so you know that this little bit will help these kids later on," Gottman said.