Hannibal Police Department investigates animal injuries from leg traps

Traps like these are illegal to use in the city of Hannibal

The Hannibal Police Department says illegal spring-loaded traps injured two dogs this year.

The January injuries mirror two incidents that occurred in America's Hometown last year.

In 2013, a dog and cat lost part of their legs.

This time, two dogs were seriously injured from traps that are illegal to use in city limits.

The Northeast Missouri Humane Society was a part of the rescue during last year's incidents.

Workers like Shelter Administrator Kurt Groenda hope use of these traps come to an end.

"It's really sad that people are resorting to that," said Groenda. "I mean I'm hoping it's for trapping wild animals versus the pets. But unfortunately I think they're catching more pets than they are wild animals."

Neighborhoods where the incidents took place are a little over two miles apart, and both border small patches of woods.

The incidents occurred near Bowling Avenue, and in the 900 block of Paris.

A resident, who spoke off camera, said he's noticed traps set before in the area and has gone so far as to disarm them.

For Tim Ledbetter, the Animal Control Officer for Hannibal, it doesn't get any easier to deal with these issues.

"Abuse and neglect in our business is the worst thing," said Ledbetter. "We have all kinds of calls, but when you see abuse and neglect, and this would be abuse, and you see dog that's injured that bad, it's pretty sad, and you just hate to see that. There's no reason for this."

The person responsible for the traps could face fines for trapping in the city, abuse, and possible state charges for not tagging traps and trapping out of season.

City ordinance 4-12 outlines the rules with trapping and fines associated with them.

If you have any information about the incidents or have an idea of who is behind it, you can call Hannibal Police Department at 573-221-0987, and select "crime tips," or submit one online by clicking here.