Hannibal Nutrition Center keeping an eye on federal government shutdown

It's day two of the federal government shutdown, and some local agencies are starting to feel the effects.

One of those places that is a bit concerned about the shutdown is the Hannibal Nutrition Center. It's business as usual as employees prepare and pack up close to 700 meals. The center depends on federal and state funding and now they're trying to figure what's going to happen if the government shutdown continues.

"It could affect us, but not at the present time. We will continue to serve meals through the month of October, we already know that. We know we're funded through the month of October. We will be doing our home delivered meals and congregant meals which are meals here at the center," Roy Hark said.

Hark is a board member at the Nutrition Center and he said no matter what happens, the meals will continue for the people who depend on the nutrition center.

Meanwhile in Bowling Green, the Northeast Community Action Corporation is also feeling the affect of what's happening in Washington D.C. Janice Robinson is a deputy director for NECAC and she said the shutdown has impacted the Department of Housing and Urban Development and in turn has affected NECAC.

"Because we ask them for guidance on some very important issues. So it definitely has an affect. It was out Department of Housing and Urban Development, which they are our funding source for our section eight housing and rural assistance program," Robinson said.

Robinson also feels NECAC won't be hit as hard with the shut down as they were with the sequestration cuts. But she hopes it a deal can be reached sooner rather than later.

NECAC's fiscal year is October first to September 30th.