Hannibal Middle School addresses concerns over leggings

Thicker than regular tights, leggings can be worn many different ways.

Styles of fashion are constantly evolving and changing, and sometimes when those fashions hit schools, they don't always go over well.

One middle school in the Tri-States has dealt with its own issues of a fashion crisis.

It's a fashion trend hitting both the red carpet, and the hallways of schools ... leggings.

Thicker than regular tights, leggings can be worn many different ways.

At Hannibal Middle School, female students over the winter months took to wearing leggings as pants.

Middle school Principal Blane Mundle says that's against the school's dress code.

"The clarification is students can still wear leggings, they just have to wear them as a layered look," Mundle said. "They have to be covered by a dress or a skirt, or a shirt that is closer to the knee. What really led up to it is, we had a lot of violations. We decided that in the best interest of everybody and in the best interest of the atmosphere of Hannibal Middle School that we would just clarify the policy for everyone."

We reached out to social media to get the public's opinion on the fashion issue, and received some response.

Some said they thought leggings were as bad as p.j. pants, and a way to be a lazy dresser.

Another said if she had a daughter, she wouldn't let her wear the leggings, as they aren't pants.

Some referenced the need to know the difference between tights and leggings.

While others said as long as you wear them appropriately, they're fine.

While no students are seen walking around in uniforms at this school, Mundle thinks it's still important to keep a standard when it comes to the dress code.

"Clothing can be distracting, it can be something that can cause a real problem within your school ... slogans, slang, all of those different things," Mundle said. "You really have to keep up on today's fashion. Sometimes that's very difficult to do to keep up on the fashion. But you have to maintain a nice order within the school, because we're here for achievement and we're here to teach, and we're here to learn. And we want our students to do the same thing."

We'd like to hear what you have to say on the issue.

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