Hannibal loses a recyclable drop off location

Hannibal, Missouri loses one its recyclable drop off locations.

For more than 40 years, a non-profit organization has recycled trash for Northeast Missouri residents.

Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop is an organization that recycles unwanted items from Missouri residents.

Hannibal resident Steve Russell appreciates the service offered by the organization.

"We own a business. So I come a couple times a week and I also work part-time for the visitors center and I have to do recycling for them," Russell said. "So I'm down there two to three times a week."

But after a decision by the City, the recyclable items drop-off located outside of the Street Department off Seventh Street and Warren Barrett Drive is closed.

"Monday morning we received a call that we needed to move them due to our inability to keep things cleaned up to their expectations," Russell said. "People were dumping non-recyclable items: mattresses, recliners, tires were the issues Monday that we're unable to get in a timely manner."

Russell is not happy about that decision.

"They're going to just keep having people throw garbage wherever they want and then we have to clean it up anyway," Russell said.

Melonie McAfee, the Executive Director of Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop, said the organization can only accept recyclable items at its main location from now on.

"All of our containers that we had down there, all of our recycling for the cardboard, plastic, clothing, aluminum cans, all of those containers are now moved to our 659 Clinic Road location," McAfee said.

The organization sells all of its collected items to a buyer to pay for its operational costs.

In addition to its 40-plus employees, the recycle center employs disabled individuals.

McAfee said she worries the loss of one recycle location could cost the organization money to pay its employees.

"It's possible and that's a fear that I have and several of the board members have as well," McAfee said. "That we're going to lose some of our operating revenue because we don't have a convenient location for those that are downtown."

Russell said he wants the Warren Barrett drop-off location re-opened immediately.

"I think it needs to be fixed, you know, you need to have a program," Russell said.

McAfee said she hopes the Northeast Missouri Sheltered Workshop will find another drop off location soon.