Hannibal kids hit the ramps for Shredfest

The fifth annual Shredfest took place in Huckleberry Park

Kids got out their skateboards, bikes, and scooters Saturday with the chance to impress the city of Hannibal.

The fith annual Shredfest took place in Huckleberry Park.

And skaters weren't the only one's enjoying this competition.

"In Hannibal, we noticed that they have football, basketball, and baseball, but we didn't have anything to showcase extreme sports. And so the kids told us they wanted a competition to showcase skateboarding, BMX and scooters," skate park manager Paula Epker said.

Shredfest welcomed hundreds of people to Hannibal Ramp Park to either watch or compete in an extreme sports competition.

Many of the kids agreed there was one reason to compete ... to have fun.

Their parents agreed it was fun to watch, but also thought this competition served a bigger purpose than just a good time.

"It is just very important because it keeps most kids off the streets. You know. It gives them something to do. There is not much to do in Hannibal. So it gives them a place to go. It is pretty cool. It shows them sportsmanship and everyone seems to be really nice in general with each other so it is pretty important," said Maranda Lain, who's kids competed.

Hannibal Health services handed out 200 free helmets to the competitors to help promote safer competition.