Hannibal holds its fourth annual "Run or Ride for the Ribbon"

Hundreds of Tri-State residents hit the pedal Saturday for a cancer that affects 1 in 3 women.

The 4th annual Run or Ride for the Ribbon took place in Hannibal Saturday morning, sponsored by the Northeast Missouri American Cancer Service.

Whether on foot or by bike, men and women joined forces in bringing awareness to breast cancer.

Some participants ran a 5K while others took part in bike rides of different lengths.

All of the funds raised in the event go to the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Service. These funds will help advance research,educational materials and transportation assistance among other things.

"Everybody sees pink ribbon things and they know it's breast cancer, but it's also important that people look deeper into it and find out that awareness is key. Know your risks and what screenings you need. Besides thinking the ribbons are pretty and pink, know what's behind the ribbon," Dana Blase, Saturday's coordinator said.

Last year's event at the James E. Cary Center brought in around six thousand dollars. This year, Blase hopes to exceed that.