Hannibal History Museum

When you think of Hannibal, you probably automatically think of Mark Twain, but the town itself is rich with history.

And now you have a place to go to learn about it.

Ken and Lisa Marks have opened the Hannibal History Museum.

The couple also operates the Haunted Hannibal Tour, and they say people were asking general history of America's Hometown.

The Marks' wrote a book on Hannibal's history, and decided to open a museum.

The museum is just getting off the ground, but has displays on loan.

It's free admission, and will change often as it grows.

The Marks' also say they could use some help.

Ken Marks says, "What we need is volunteer help, materials we can create displays from. It doesn't always have to be drywall. It can be other items that we can incorporate."

You can contact the Marks' by phone at 314-494-2918 or via e-mail

Some of the displays up now include a silent movie about Tom Sawyer that was shot in Hannibal in 1917.

There is also part of a larger display of shoes that were made in Hannibal.