Hannibal Council agrees on solution to pigeon problem



City Council finalized its agreement to deal with the pigeon problem in the city Tuesday night.

The birds have recently become a big nuisance for the city.

The city considered several options to deal with the problem including poison and shooting the birds. But a more humane plan that will take the birds to a breeder was adopted Tuesday night.

Big River Pest Control

will handle the removal of the birds.

Mayor Roy Hark

says that this plan should not only be acceptable to Hannibal residents but also to people around the country and the world who e-mailed the city about the issue.

"We've had e-mails from all over the country and all over the world. From Europe, Germany and I don't know where all. So I think we have something that is palatable to everyone and I'm very pleased with it," Hark said.

The City Council also considered a proposal by a business owner asking that the city abandon some property near South Maple.

The council agreed to let the business owner file his application for the property and the city will also pay the survey costs for the land.

The owner will then deed over a portion of the land to the city that could be turned into green space in the future.