Hannibal City Council to consider marina dredging

Tuesday night the Hannibal City Council approved a resolution to enter into a contract to dredge the city's marina.

Crews now will remove about fifteen hundred cubic yards of silt from the Nipper Park Marina.

Normally the marina is dredged every six years due to its location on the river, but dredging needs to be done much earlier this time due to this year's flooding event.

The project will cost about 64 thousand dollars, but FEMA will pick up most of the cost.

Dredging will begin this spring and should last about a week.

Chris Atkinson, Hannibal Parks and Recreation Director said, "The more silt that's in there, the larger boats can't get in and out without getting hung up on the bottom of the marina. It restricts the larger boats which quite frankly are the ones who purchase gas from us and use our facilities and park and and use our downtown area of Hannibal."

Right now the city is also working with FEMA to get approval for the replacement and repair of docks in the marina damaged in the flood. Hannibal Parks and Recreation Director Chris Atkinson says he hopes to have everything ready by the beginning of boating season in May.