Hannibal Chief of Police against breed-specific dog ban

Hannibal Police Chief Lyndell Davis wants to update how the city deals with dangerous dogs.

After several complaints of dangerous dogs in the city there had been talks of a breed-specific ban.

Among those opposed to a ban of a specific dog breed is Police Chief Lyndell Davis.

At Tuesday, September 21st's city council meeting Davis recommended a revised ordinance that deals with dangerous dogs rather than a breed specific ban.

The current ordinance hasn't been updated since 1990.

"There's times where it's not just a specific breed. One day it's a pit bull, tomorrow it might be a rottweiler or a German sheperd. You're going to get into the point where you're going after the breed versus irresponsible ownership of the animals and that's really what we focus mostly on," said Chief Davis.

Click here to read Police Chief Lyndell Davis' recommendation letter to the Mayor and Council Members.

No action was taken on Davis' recommendations Tuesday.

It's due to come up at the council's Tuesday, October fifth meeting.