Hannibal brew pub opening soon

Photo of second floor bar and dining room at new Hannibal brew pub.

The old Murphy Motors Building in downtown Hannibal is getting a new lease on life.

A new restaurant and micro-brewery, The Mark Twain Brewing Company at Moses Bates Public House, is just days from opening.

Overseeing the project is Bill Martin who credits a lot of people with making this dream a reality, including his partners, the city and the architect & contractors who have worked so hard on the project.

"The contractors have really been so helpful because you have to take something that's already here and turn it into something that you want," Marin said.

When KHQA first visited in April, the tanks for the brew house were just arriving.

Now they are installed and already producing beer.

"We'll offer a wide variety of ales. There'll be 12 to 24 including seasonals and specials," Martin said. "Some beers will be great like Budweiser was before prohibition. Other beers will be paired with certain meals so you can have the whole dining and drinking experience."

Martin is especially proud of the 2nd floor dining area overlooking the river.

"Here in the pilot house bar on the second floor looking toward the exit to our bridge outside and the beer garden," Martin said. "And where we will have a bar upstairs and the space is available and fills with about 40 people. And beautiful views out the east windows of the Mississippi River and the riverboats and the southern view out our windows is beautiful historic downtown Hannibal."

We asked Bill Martin to sum up his hopes for this new addition to historic downtown Hannibal.

"I hope that's what we can give you, is a rich experience, good beer and food you know for the value. And make some friends and hear some stories and tell some stories," Martin said.

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