Hannibal brew pub close to completion

Hannibal micro-brewery just months away from completion.

For father and son Bill and Wes Martin and their partner Lance Smith it has been a dream three years in the making.

Since October he and his partners have worked hard to turn the old Murphy Bros. building into a micro-brewery.

Hannibal's first micro-brewery is just months away from opening its doors.

"It's a big day. It's like Christmas in April," Martin said.

On Tuesday, 13 tanks used in the beer making process arrived.

"We've got six fermentation tanks where it turns into beer," Martin said. "And we've got 5 bright tanks where you transfer the beer there and you serve out of those tanks and it gets its conditioning. And then there's a brew house which is two tanks and a hot liquor tank."

Helping Bill and his partners make their dream come true is consultant Craig Nicholls with

Turnkey Brewery and Restaurant Consulting Group

from Portland, Oregon.

Nicholls says that transforming the building was a challenging process.

"Great contractors on this job, great help," Nicholls said. "They've done a really good job of bringing this back to its glory days if you will with some modern upgrades. But its been a challenge nonetheless."

As a self-professed "history freak" Nicholls was especially excited to be part of the bringing the business to historic downtown Hannibal.

"We do all our research for our clients," Nicholls said. "So I really went to town on this town to find out everything about it and the history so that we can incorporate that into the beer names, the food names everything you need to do."

Martin says that once it completed the

Mark Twain Brewing Company at Moses Bates Public House

will be a solid book end for Hannibal's historic district.

"Our idea is to have something that brings more people and everybody, and everybody prospers and everybody has more fun," Martin said.

Consultant Craig Nicholls is excited about the future of the brewery.

"People just hold onto your seats because when they open they're going to make fantastic beer," Nicholls said. "It's gonna be a great vibe. And its gonna be paying homage to this great town and like Bill had said earlier the great people from this area and this town. And that's gonna be huge."

Bill Martin says that the Mark Twain Brewing Company will make at least eight different types of ales.

He hopes to have the doors open in June to get staff hired and trained before the 4th of July weekend.