Hands-on history at the Quincy Museum

A new exhibit at the Quincy Museum is taking the work out of learning.

Getting kids to enjoy learning about history can be a struggle.

But a new exhibit at the Quincy Museum is taking the work out of learning.

Whether you're young, or perhaps young at heart, the Quincy Museum has something for any age.

The new Native American exhibit gives you an up-close look at artifacts from right in our own backyard.

But if you're into puzzles and puppets, they have that too.

Barbara Wikinson-Fletcher hopes kids learn something and have fun while doing it when exploring the exhibit.

"Everybody learns things in different ways," said Wilkinson-Fletcher. "And some people just learn better by touching and feeling and actually you know using their hands to learn."

Introducing history to children early has its benefits.

"Frankly, I think kids get enough of sitting behind a desk and being told about things in school," Wilkinson-Fletcher said. "So an exhibit like this gives them a chance to actually experience and play and get kind of a feel for what it would be like to live in a wikiup."

Many of the activities inside of the exhibit are hands-on, and interactive.

Ideal for passing some time away with a little walk through time.

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