Hancock County students receive hands-on safety demonstration

Students experience the hands-on sessions

Over two hundred elementary school students experienced a day of safety that will benefit them in every day situations.

This Safety Fair has been happening every year since the 90s, 19 years to be exact.

Each year, the Western Illinois Electrical Co-op hosts this seminar for the 5th graders in Hancock County.

It's all about living smart, keeping safe, and having fun.

Ben Hollis is a 5th grader in Hancock County, and enjoyed the demonstrations.

"I believe it's helpful and strong to people who might not learn about this stuff every day. It's also a quite fun event," Hollis said.

This wasn't just a sit and listen type of day, students experienced first hand the importance of these lifelong skills.

Becky Dickinson is the Office Manager for WIEC, and thinks safety is a big priority for them.

"Safety is very important. We send our lineman to safety school, we send our employees for different things. We also want our members and our member's children to be safe, and so one of the ways we do that, is to sponsor the safety fair," Dickinson said.

Students could visit seven different stations that all involved being safe, like farm safety, bike safety, ATV safety, a live line demonstration, as well as a "smoke house".

Event coordinators say this is something they hope the students never forget.

"We just want them to be safe. If they remember one thing when confronted with some sort of danger ... you know they're at an age now where they're not always with mom and dad, they're off on their on a little bit, with their bicycles, or they let off with a game or some friends, we want them to think for themselves and remember what to do to be safe," Dickinson said.

"I think it's important because, if you live on a farm like me and my family do, then it's important to know how to be safe and cautious with the tools and vehicles and really everything you use," Hollis said.

Most of the presentations today were done by volunteers who gave us their day to educate the students.

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