Hancock Co. teacher goes outside the box inside the classroom

Illini West teacher Greg Hoener is the latest recipient of KHQA's One Class At A Time check.

Illini West teacher Greg Hoener didn't think he had a chance at winning in KHQA's One Class At At Time project.

"It's a snowballs chance I know, but unless you let it ring it isn't going to happen," he said.

He gave it a shot anyway and Friday he was awarded a one-thousand dollar check.

Hoener will use some of the money for basic classroom necessities like books.

"I've duct taped, taped on top of the tape, I've even tried to glue them," he said. "Literally we have kids turning papers and they hold up a chapter and it's flopping out and breaking apart."

The rest of the money will go toward where it's needed like his Git R Done Club. It's a group that teaches young people to be a positive influence in the community.

"A lot of people don't even know we do it," Hoener said. "I tell my kids that God gives us a lot of things and we have to give it back. You don't do it because you know someone knows you do it. True character is not what you're doing when someone is watching, it's what you're doing when no one is watching."

Hoener's even gone as far as getting shot with a Tazer to help raise money for a local benefit. It's those out of the box tactics that make him a favorite among students.

"It's a lot better than reading out of a book," Illini West senior Hailey Markey said. "He puts a lot of thought into his class."

"I just love how he approaches things and how he explains them and they're just really fun," senior Madison Clark said.

"He's just a really great teacher and I think he's the only teacher to put so much thought into the class," Markey said.

Hoener says his goal as a teacher is to prepare his students for the real world inside and outside of the classroom.

"When a kid comes back and says 'you taught me about real life and I was better prepared for it and I'm better than the next guy,' that's it," he said.

If you are a teacher or administrator and are interested in taking part in KHQA's One Class At A Time project, you can apply here.