Hamilton resident wins a quarter of a million playing Crossword

A Hamilton couple has a welcome problem these days. They're working to determine how to spend a big lottery win.

Last week we told you how Steve Schlicher won $250 thousand on a $10 crossword ticket from the Illinois Lottery he bought on a wim.

Now the family has a better idea of what they'll spend it on.

According to the Hancock County Journal Pilot, the family plans to pay off a car and a home-improvement loan.
Steve is thinking about treating himself to a vintage Chevrolet Corvette - something he's always wanted.

Thursday, September 6 lottery officials presented Schlicher with his quarter million dollar check at Pat's Pit Stop in Hamilton.

He said that he usually buys scratch-off tickets on Sunday's, but changed up his schedule recently. On a Tuesday, he was home sick from work and stopped at the gas station for a newspaper and a ticket.

That ticket, a $10 Crossword game, initially appeared to Steve to be a $1,000 winner. Steve returned to the store to validate his win. When he arrived at Patâ??s Pit Stop, owner Charlie Church checked the ticket and said, â??Oh my God, you formed nine wordsâ??itâ??s a $250,000 winner!â?? Moments later the two men were exchanging high-fives and celebratory howls.

Steve is the third person to win $250,000 in the â??$250,000 Crosswordâ?? game. There are four unclaimed $250,000 prizes, and 21 unclaimed $25,000 prizes, in the game as of August 31.

After taxes, this winner will take home about one hundred seventy thousand dollars.

â??I wouldnâ??t buy a new Corvette,â?? he said. â??Thatâ??s too much money.â?? A family vacation to an unusual locationâ??perhaps the Bahamasâ??is also being considered down the road.

For selling the winning ticket, Patâ??s Pit Stop will receive a bonus of $2,500.

(Illinois Lotto's Mike Lang contributed to this story.)

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