Hamilton City Council close to debris removal plan

Debris pile from the Hamilton fire in January

UPDATED: October 4 at 11:55 a.m.

Hustler Hauling has been awarded the contract to clean up debris left over from a fatal fire last January, according to Hamilton Police Chief Robb Bell.



The Hamilton City Council approved a tentative agreement to get the debris from a January fire removed.

Monday night the council accepted a low bid of 12 thousand and 443 dollars from Beau Whitaker, the owner of Hustler Hauling of Hamilton.

Hamilton Police Chief Robb Bell told KHQA that the agreement is contingent on the company being able to show the council that it has1 million dollars in liability insurance and that the engineering plan it has submitted for the clean-up will actually work.

Whitaker's plan would protect the sidewalk by entering the debris pile from the south side instead of the Broadway side.

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The city council will meet again Wednesday night for a final decision on the Whitaker plan.

We will bring you those details as soon as we get them.