Hamilton boy a real hero

Ty received a gold chief's coin for his bravery

A Hamilton Elementary School student was honored Tuesday.

KHQA's Josh McGhee tells us how his quick thinking saved his friend's life.

September 18th, Ty Rockhold and his friends were playing outside like they normally would after school.

The group of kids decided to tie one end of a rope to a swing set and the other around someone's waist. When one of the boys went down the slide, the rope moved up his body and around his neck.

'The rope got stuck around his neck and his arm like that," Ty Rockhold said.

Seeing his friend in trouble, Ty, moved quickly to help him. Ty ran into his house, grabbed a knife and cut his friend free.

"I heard about it and I had a young lady come in and tell me that it had occurred. So I did some checking on it and I talked to the mom, she told me what happened that's when I came to the school. Talked to the principal here and superintendent I said, 'Hey let's go ahead and get this young man recognized. Some good for him and show him off a little bit.'"

Ty received a gold chief's coin for his bravery.

(Story by KHQA's Josh McGhee.)