Halloween preparations in the Tri-States

Jeff Miles and his family have made sure to show their Halloween spirit over the last 30 years.

Halloween is weeks away and everywhere you look there is something to remind you of this spooky holiday.

As you drive around Quincy you can see homes decorated and there's even a store dedicated to this time of year.

Spirit Halloween is a costume and decoration hub for the upcoming holiday.

With money as a concern for many people in such trying times, people look for different options for costumes.

Some people look to create their own costumes with cheaper items from various retail stores.

Spirit offered more coupons this year to fight back against the economic twist.

"We have been doing really good this year. Selling out of a lot of stuff, so you gotta come get your stuff right away," Tara Jensen with Spirit Halloween said.

Costumes aren't the only part of Halloween that costs a pretty penny.

Jeff Miles and his family have made sure to show their Halloween spirit over the last 30 years.

They didn't let the expenses dampen their love for the holiday.

"I got a lot more in the back, we used to do a lot more, but now my kids are grown up," Miles said.

Miles started decorating his home with his wife when they first married.

"When we first got married, we started doing it at the apartment. I always loved it as a kid because my neighbors would do it," Miles said.

He said it became a heated competition between his decorations and his neighbors decorations.

Oh, and did I mention his neighbors were his in-laws?

"After he passed away we started going a little bit less. And plus the kids grew up. But now the grandkids are asking me to put them up," Miles said.

They were excited to put up decorations, but knew it wouldn't be the same as years passed.

But still, the Miles family did what they could, to give the neighborhood what they wanted to see.

"Everybody seems to know where we leave. Oh you live there. Sometimes people will ask why do you do so much. We say oh we used to do a lot more," Miles said.

The Miles family decorates for every holiday. Just take a drive up 18th street and you can see for yourself.