Halloween can be a dangerous time for pets

8-year-old Nelson is a perfect companion

Halloween is just around the corner.

While safety is important for everyone, many times we forget about the safety of our pets during the spooky holiday.

Folks at the Quincy Humane Society urge you to keep pets away from chocolate during this time of year.

The sweet treat can make your canine friend sick or even kill him.

Owners of black cats should keep them indoors that night to avoid harm from mischief makers.

And it's also important to dress your pet in reflective clothing if they are going out in the neighborhood with you ... as you do with your children.

"They're pretty much going to be the guard of your children," Amy Kientzle, Adoption Counselor said. "Your pets will be walking on the side or in front of you, so they're going to be where people do not see them. You just need to make sure they stay safe. They are a member of your family also."

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