Half way point for Gold Medal Moves

Photo Credit: File photo

Quincy is getting lighter with each week that passes.

Saturday was the half way point in the Gold Medal Moves program.

300 people signed up to lose a total of 1000 pounds, and they are well on their way.

It was announced Saturday morning that in the first three weeks of the program, 865 pounds have been lost.

But organizers say that doesn't mean you should take the next three weeks easy.

"It's just not a goal for six weeks. It's a lifetime goal. And it's a lifestyle change. We hope that continues to motivate them because even after the six weeks, we want them to continue on," says Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

We all met up with our KHQA Gold Medal Moves family.

They were all excited by the progress of the entire group.

We asked what they've noticed since they began this program three weeks ago.

"We all have a little more energy than we did. We are looking forward to exercising. I know that last week, Katrina said it was really hard in the second week to be motivated to get out there. Now, we've all had a much easier time getting out there doing the exercise," says Julie Herring.

Saturday morning's half way announcement was also a workout session for the members.

They were able to take part in many exercises including an Xbox Kinect workout, Yoga, pilates, and much more.