Haircuts for CNA appreciation

What better way to make a someone feel appreciated than a free haircut, style, and makeup. Those at Vatterott Trade School felt that was a good way to show some appreciation to those in the medical field.

"We are having a certified nursing assistant or nurses aid appreciation week just to show them the appreciation for what for what they do for the community and the medical field", said Campus Director Tom Lockett.

The college had over ten CNAs come in for the offer. Program Director of Cosmetology Pat Bell says they won't be walking out with a bad haircut as instructors are with them through every phase of the haircut.

"Our students are in the classroom for two phases and they learn all the hands on things they need to learn. Then they come out on the floor. Then they are well versed in what they do out here on clients. They have a little bit of experience before they start working on real life people," Program Director of Cosmetology Pat Bell said.

Vatterott Trade school offers many programs including some medical programs. Tom Lockett says some students have ventured down the medical path before choosing Cosmetology and this a good way they can give back.

"It is the first time we are doing it and we aren't the only Vatterott doing it. We have 27 other campuses and they are all doing it at different times. Later in the year we are going to do a medical assistant week which is a program we do offer at the school. A lot of our medical assistant students were medical assistants at one time. Some of them use it to kind of move up in their profession," Lockett said.

These students at Vatterott enjoy hair cutting and styling. Pat Bell says what better way than to give back to the community.

"We like to do a lot of things for the community and the CNAs and the medical field. It is a wonderful program and they offer very good services to us so we like to give back to them," Bell said.

Vatterott college plans to make this an annual event.

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