Habitat for Humanity home in Pike County

Photo Credit: Photo by: Chad Douglas

A Pike County Illinois family was hoping for a new home this Christmas, but looks like it'll have to wait until the New Year.

The first Habitat for Humanity house in Pike County is about a month away from completion, and in order to get it done, the organization and the family would like your help.

Here sits the house in Griggsville. It looks mostly done on the outside. Still needs a front porch on the inside, there's still some work to do. Kitchen cabinets and carpet have to be ordered.

"We need some financial assistance getting those paid for. We could use a few extra volunteers," says Lorrie Hall, a Habitat for Humanity Board Member.

You don't have to be skilled at construction to help, but if you do have a specialty, Lorrie Hall says feel free to call. The home has owners and they are anxiously awaiting move in day.

"They've picked out colors and carpet and flooring. They've been very involved and come and volunteered," says Hall.

Recipients of the home are required to help build the house. It's called sweat equity within the Habitat for Humanity organization. This house has been years in the making. Back in 2005, several people in Pike County formed a Habitat for Humanity organization because they saw the need for affordable housing. This house has been under construction since early of 2009. Now that it's so close, board members are getting excited.

"It's wonderful. We have a very deserving family and I'm excited for them and can't wait for them to get in here," says Hall.

And once the family does move in, it should be affordable. This is a SIPS home which stands for Structural Insulated Panel, and will be very cost efficient. The utility bill is expected to be $50.00 or less every month.

If you'd like to help in anyway, you can call Lorrie Hall at 217-426-3521, or you can mail a donation 225 North Memorial, Pittsfield, IL 62363.