Gun lovers swap stories and shop for bargains at two day gun show in Quincy

The second ECA Hunting and Trade Show

Gun lovers from around the Tri-States made their way to Quincy for the second ECA Hunting and Trade Show.

The two day event give hunters, gun lovers and others a chance to swap stories, get some great deals and pick up that hard to find gun they've been looking for.

Just about any gun or gun accessory you were looking for you could probably find it at the

ECA Hunting and Trade Show this weekend in Quincy.
For gun enthusiasts,like Allen Pruett of LaGrange the gun show is a great place to get some great deals.

"For myself I like to reload so I found a lot of cheaper brass, some good quality ammunition that I can reload with." Pruett said.

Palmyra resident Chris Walotka says that one of the big draws for this event is the sense of shared interest between the gun community.

"Anybody from any background, ethnicity, what not like that, can come together," Walotka said. "Age, origin, doesn't matter and share something they enjoy in common. I can walk up to a man that's 70 and we can talk about the same 1911 that we might own. Or walk up to another guy whose 15 and he just went hunting for the first time this past year and you know, hear how he enjoyed it."

Dwight Bernard of

Dwight's Guns

from Belle Rive Illinois says that shows like this one give people a chance to buy things they can't normally get in their local gun shops.

"You're going to a massive gun shop versus just going into your local store where, you know even a Dicks's Sporting Goods or a Cabella's or something like that," Bernard said. "They aren't going to have the number of items that we're gonna have gun related."

A popular misconception is that guns are mostly a man's thing.

But that view that is slowly starting to change according to Quincy gun lover Andrea Elston.

"Especially now that Illinois has the conceal and carry,a lot of women will feel more protected if they've got something with them," Elston said. "It's just a good way to keep us safe. especially when you have small children."

The gun show is also a chance for gun lovers to start thinking about what they want on their 2014 Christmas list.

"A few things that I saw that I definitely can not afford right now. But I'll definitely be wanting in the near future." Allen Pruett said.

The ECA Hunting and Trade show continues on Sunday at the Oakley Lindsey Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.