Group reveals worms in the Common Core apple

A new approach to education is raising concerns across the county including right here in the Tri-States.

It's called Common Core .

On Thursday night, some people concerned about how the program could change education in the country spoke at the Quincy Kroc Center.

One of those speakers was Gretchen Logue, the co-founder of Missouri Coalition Against Common Core .

She says this program creates a set of standards for what kids should learn at each grade level. But unlike No Child Left Behind, Logue says the implementation of Common Core went around our political structure.

"This was decided by the Department of Education and two private trade organizations," Logue said. "Your legislators never voted for it, never voted for funding it when the federal stimulus dollars run out. Voters never had a chance to say "yeah this is a great idea or no I don't like it." However, the system is set in place."

Logue says what's even more disturbing, is that throughout a child's school career, information will be gathered about each child, teacher and principal.

She says the information collected will be merged with information from the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and any other 3rd party agency or research firm the Department of Education thinks should have the data.

"What we would like people to understand or think about, if your child goes across the threshold of a school, should that school have the right to know things about that child and that family? That is a profound shift in how we think about education," Logue said.

Logue says this program does not take into account individuality and the different ways children learn.

The estimated cost to implement Common Core in Missouri is about 350 million dollars.

You can see Gretchen's complete interview in the video player above.

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