Group pushes for TimerCap to help curb opioid epidemic


It's a problem Clay Hyde has seen for the past 20 years.

He's a primary counselor at Hopewell Clinic in Quincy.

Hyde mentioned the clinic helps treat people who suffer from opioid addiction.

"Both physically and psychologically addicted," Hyde said.

He says the process to break the addiction is tricky.

"A lot of the overdoses you see from opioids are a result of the person not being able to withstand that comfort which comes from the withdraw and they run out and they use and it that process they overdose."

To beat the opioid epidemic might be all about perfect timing.

Larry Twersky is pushing for a TimerCap on prescription bottles.

He explained it’s a step to help prevent an alarming statistic.

"91 people a day are dying due to opioid abuse and addiction," Twersky pointed out.

Twersky said the TimerCap will help people only take the amount of prescription drugs needed at a given time.

"If it says take every three hours, we don't want them taking it every two hours so they can track their time and they should be able to track the pain level," Twersky said.

Hyde and Twersky both agree the opioid problem has gotten out of hand.

Both say a multi-dimensional effort is needed from everyone involved with prescription bills before time runs out.

"The likelihood of an opioid and heroin overdose currently, is 2.5 times more than hands guns,” Twersky explained. “That's how dangerous these things are".
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