Green on your plate and in your wallet


Do you think eating healthy means breaking the bank?

It doesn't.

The Pittsfield County Market has good news for all you healthy shoppers on a budget.

"The less you have in processed foods, the more healthy it is for your body and that's what the farmers grow," Dawn Miller, a County Market shopper, said.

Dawn Miller is a single mother of three. Eating healthy is a priority for her and her family ... but for many that means more money.

"People think that if I'm going to eat healthy foods it's going to cost me more and that's not the case," James Brown, Pittsfield County Market director, told KHQA's Kristen Aguirre. "You know most whole foods are less than the processed food."

A recent Agriculture Department report shows that prices for fresh foods like fruits and vegetables have remained stable. Processed foods like chips, ice cream and cola have gone up ... something farmers and ranchers want you to know.

"We're promoting that farmers raise good quality food and healthy food," Jeremy Thomas, secretary of the Pike County Farm Bureau, said.

The Pittsfield County Market and the Pike County Farm Bureau teamed up to recognize Food Check-Out Day.

"By this time of the year, the average person has made enough money for the whole year worth of groceries," Thomas said.

Food Check-Out Day reminds you that being able to pay your annual grocery bill only six weeks into the year will allow you to make smarter choices.

"If you watch what you spend on the things, then you can spend more in the produce market," Miller said.

The Pike County Farm Bureau said buying fresh produce when it's in season costs less then buying frozen out of season.

Smart shopping like that can leave your health and budget in check.