Great River Economic Development Foundation presents 2014 Strategic Plan

The six primary objectives

The New Year means it's time for community agencies to take stock in their strategic plans.

The Great River Economic Development Foundation in Quincy is doing just that.

Wednesday night was the annual meeting for GREDF, and it gave the people of Quincy, Adams County and the surrounding area the opportunity to learn what 2013 brought for our region, and what the organization hopes to accomplish in 2014.

GREDF President Marcel Wagner shared some important aspects of the organizations strategic plan for 2014.

Wagner is calling 2013 substantial.

Despite a tough economy nation wide, the Quincy and Adams County region has shown progress in several areas.

After our 35 county region was desiginated a Great Region by the USDA, Wagner thinks it will only strengthen the economy.

"Well it's important for us as a region to really make a statement. And getting the USDA designation has really given this 35 county area, which has worked together since the 90's an identity," said Wagner. "Now it's time for us to take that identity and see how we can use it with all of partners, and increase the job base here and increase the investments in the community."

Wagner's report showed the 6 primary objectives within the 2014 strategic plan which will serve as a road map for the next three to five years. They include Business Retention and Expansion, Workforce Development, Business Attraction, Marketing and Branding, Entreprenuership Development and Membership.

Wagner also commented that they also plan to meet with national decision makers with site selection.

It's all to promote the region and make it more sustainable.

"What we hope it does is gives everyone that interacts with GREDF first of all, a good understanding of where we're headed," Wagner said. "And then to also have them understand that we're very, very serious about doing what we're engaged to do."

The public heard from Wagner along with public officials who all commented on the proposed strategic plan.

Wagner pointed out that plan includes re-branding and marketing, which means the Life is Good brand for Adams County could be replaced with something that reflects the status of the community.

It's all improving the economic vitality of Quincy and Adams County.