Grant boosts funding to Adams County first responders

The Adams County Ambulance Service got a much needed infusion of cash thanks to a FEMA grant.

Emergency Management Services Chief Paul Davis said the $54,000 will help with the upgrades to the communications and mobile radio systems in ambulance service vehicles.

The upgrades will replace old equipment that is no longer serviceable and will help improve radio communications between paramedics and the dispatch center and hospitals.

â??The Quincy Fire Department dedicates itself to the protection of area residents and their property,â?? Mayor John Spring said. â??In addition to the efficient response to fire and other hazardous conditions fire fighters work as first responders assisting the Adams County Ambulance Service to provide emergency medical services.â??

Last year the ambulance service received $56,000 from this FEMA Grant process to outfit ambulance stations with Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems.