Graffiti coming to Macomb

A building on Macomb's square soon will be covered in graffiti.

But that's ok.

Members of the West Central Illinois Arts Center want to bring the faade of the one hundred-year-old building back to life.

Curtis Brisbee sits on the board of the West Central Illinois Arts Center in Macomb. He says he wants to draw attention to the building and to what's going on inside. So that's why he's decided to tag part of the building with his own design.

" Basically I've got about 50 cans of spray paint up there and I'm just going to get the work going across the thing. This first one is basically a very simple block letter design," said Brisbee.

He' s tagging the outside of the art center with graf fiti. But the tagging is something that will change every couple of months. Dave Dorsett is that project manager and also a member of the art center board. He says creative projects like this are what's needed in downtown areas of smaller communities.

" This is something where you can come in and you can circulate different things and circulate different things out. Try new things and that way we got people coming downtown, wanting to try new things and that's a real new situation. And I think it's going to be a real anchor for the downtown," said Dorsett.

The Art Center has owned the building for the last three years and they say it's a venue for local artists as well as the community. Curtis Brisbee hopes it makes the statement that this is the art center and that there's nothing else like it on the square.

The building dates back to the early 1890s.

It once was occupied by the Masonic Lodge, and it was a Woolworth building at one time.


Some graffiti is coming to Macomb, Illinois, and local businesses won't mind it at all.

The McDonough County Voice reports that the outside of the West Central Illinois Arts Center at 25 East Side Square in Macomb will get a new look.

The metal flashing between the display windows and upper floors will soon be a new sign ... but not just your ordinary sign.

Graffiti artist Curtis Bisbee, who is also a WCI Arts Center Board member, will be transforming the gray metal sheet into a sign and it will be 57.5 feet long by 4.25 feet high.

This unique sign will be changed periodically over the next year and people on the street are encouraged to stop and watch while the sign is underway.

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