Gov. Nixon's plans to bring jobs to Missouri

Clarksville, MO -- Missouri Governor Jay Nixon along with his wife stopped by Clarksville to take part in the eagle festivities for Clarksville Eagle Days.

They along with Missouri Conservation officials toured the riverfront greeting those taking part in the sight seeing.

We talk to Governor Nixon about his latest plan to bring jobs to Missouri.

He says the state has to continue to focus on technology and manufacturing jobs to produce products of the future.

Another plan is to reward Missouri businesses with extra incentives.

The measure would let businesses that have been in Missouri for at least five years receive a larger-than-normal share of state tax incentives for choosing to expand in Missouri instead of elsewhere.

Governor Nixon says it's on the fast track in a House committee.

Another focus is entrepreneurship.

"We want to make sure we're getting an new generation of entrepreneurs. Just this week we announced dollars to help small businesses across the state. A saw mill in Southern Missouri, a print shop in Northern Missouri. The bottom line is getting that's just like Cool Beans right here. Small businesses are the heart beat of our economy."

Sunday on KHQA's Weekend news at 10pm, hear what Governor Nixon had to say about the recent debate among Missouri lawmakers on whether to track purchases of cold medicines used to make methamphetamine or to require a prescription to get the medicines.