Gov. Nixon Ok's emergency well drilling in Missouri

A new emergency program could help struggling Missouri farmers dealing the effects of the drought.

On Tuesday, Governor Jay Nixon announced a program that will make it easier for farmers to drill or deepen wells to help their crops and livestock.

This emergency program will cover 90% of the cost for the well.

Normally the state only covers 75% of that cost.

The governor signed an executive order on Monday authorizing the Missouri Soil and Water Districts Commission to create this emergency program.

The guideliness stipulate that the wells can only be used for livestock and crops and must not negitively harm a public water supply.

To become a part of the cost share program, farmers have to submit their applications by August 6th.

Applications can be sent to a local soil or water disctrict or online to the state at

You can read the official press release from Governor Nixon's office by clicking on this link: