Gov. Nixon freezes Missouri spending

Gov. Jay Nixon has frozen $400 million of spending

Gov. Jay Nixon has frozen $400 million of spending for education, capital improvements and state services because of concerns that legislators could override his veto of an income tax bill.

Nixon announced the spending restrictions Friday while signing a nearly $25 billion operating budget for the 2014 fiscal year that starts next Monday.

Earlier this month, the Democratic governor vetoed a Republican-backed bill that would have phased in a tax deduction for business income over the next five years. That bill also would have gradually reduced the income tax rate for individuals and corporations over the next decade.

Lawmakers would need a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers to override Nixon's veto during a September session.

Nixon says the bill could cost Missouri hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.

Here are the budget freezes released by Nixon's budget office Friday:


Statewide Pay Plan $14.0 $14.0

Statewide State Government Employees (1000 FTE) N/A $15.6

Statewide Expenses/Core Programs (4 percent) $136.6 $6.0

Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation Formula and Transportation (level fund) $3,175.6 $66.4

Elementary and Secondary Education Scholars and Fine Arts Academy $0.2 $0.2

Elementary and Secondary Education Regional Professional Development $1.0 $1.0

Elementary and Secondary Education Early Grade Literacy Program $0.1 $0.1

Elementary and Secondary Education Bright Futures Program $0.1 $0.1

Elementary and Secondary Education Vocational Rehabilitation Program (increase) $13.6 $0.5

Higher Education Institutions Core funding (4 percent) $841.9 $33.7

Higher Education UM-Related Programs (4 percent) $16.2 $0.6

Higher Education MSU Occupational Therapy Program $1.3 $1.3

Higher Education UM/MSU Cooperative Medical Program $10.0 $10.0

Higher Education MSU/Three Rivers Trade School in Willow Springs $0.2 $0.2

Higher Education UM Large Animal Veterinary Program $1.0 $1.0

Revenue Assessment Maintenance (4 percent) $9.8 $0.4

Transportation Amtrak (4 percent) $8.9 $0.4

Transportation Port Authority Capital Improvements $3.0 $3.0

Transportation St. Charles Bike/Pedestrian Bridge $0.1 $0.1

Transportation Transit (increase) $1.1 $0.5

Agriculture Biodiesel Incentive (4 percent) $5.5 $0.2

Economic Development Customized Training (4 percent) $14.0 $0.6

Economic Development Small Business Fairness Board $0.1 $0.1

Economic Development Exports Initiative (portion of increase) $2.3 $0.5

Economic Development MO Technology Corporation (1/2 of increase) $6.4 $2.5

Economic Development Small Business Technology and Development Centers $0.7 $0.7

Economic Development WWI Memorial $0.1 $0.1

Economic Development Tourism (4 percent) $14.1 $0.6

Various Arts, Libraries, TV, Historical, Humanities (4 percent) $7.6 $0.3

Public Safety Cyber Crimes (Portion of GR increase) $1.5 $0.5

Public Safety Drug Task Forces (4 percent) $2.0 $0.1

Corrections St. Louis Re-entry Program $0.8 $0.8

Corrections County Jail Reimbursement (4 percent) $38.1 $1.5

Mental Health Alcohol and Drug Abuse Ex-Offender Treatment $1.0 $1.0

Mental Health Community Providers (non-Medicaid) (4 percent) $61.2 $2.1

Health and Senior Services AAA's (4 percent) $11.0 $0.4

Health and Senior Services Area Health Education Centers (increase) $0.5 $0.3

Health and Senior Services Local Public Health Agencies (increase plus 4 percent) $2.3 $0.7

Health and Senior Services Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (increase) $0.2 $0.1

Health and Senior Services Traumatic Brain Injury Services (increase) $0.9 $0.6

Health and Senior Services School Vaccines Programs $0.2 $0.2

Health and Senior Services Mobile Dental Program $0.2 $0.2

Social Services Foster Care Outdoor Program $0.1 $0.1

Social Services Social Innovation Grants $1.0 $1.0

Social Services Hand Up Program $0.04 $0.04

Social Services Rural Health Clinics--Dental Program $0.5 $0.5

Social Services Telemonitoring Program $0.1 $0.1

Social Services Pager Pilot Program $0.2 $0.2

Social Services Diabetic Telemonitoring Program $0.1 $0.1

Various Medicaid Provider Rate Increases $45.7 $45.7

Capital Improvements Facilities Maintenance and Repair $70.0 $65.0

Capital Improvements New State Office Building $38.0 $38.0

Capital Improvements State Capitol Complex $50.0 $46.5

Capital Improvements Fulton State Hospital Redesign $13.0 $13.0

Capital Improvements Sullivan County Lake $4.0 $4.0

Capital Improvements State Parks $20.0 $17.5

Here are the budget vetoes released by Nixon's budget office Friday:


Economic Development Springfield Community Improvement District (GR) $0.03 $0.03

Economic Development Blues in Schools (Arts Trust Fund) $0.08 $0.08

Mental Health Boone County Payment (GR) $0.03 $0.03

Capital Improvements Pike Lincoln Tech Center (Fair Share Fund) $1.0 $1.0