Gov. Nixon announces expansion in Monroe City

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announces a $2.6 million dollar investment that will help Continental Casting create jobs.

New jobs are on the way to Monroe City and Palmyra.

"Expansion is always good for a company. It creates growth and opportunity for our employees and that's the key to being in business, creating opportunities," David Berry, president of Continental Casting said.

Continental Casting just expanded its business to include 80 more job opportunities while adding new equipment at both its Monroe City and Palmyra locations.

"Die casting and die making is what built Monroe City and it's still a great community for that type of work, and I think we're very fortunate to have the Berry family here taking the charge in that," Mayor Neal Minor said.

"To remain competitive, we reached out to our local and state governments and asked how they can create great opportunities for a growing company such as Continental Casting," Berry said.

The company, which produces die cast solutions, made a $2.6 million investment with help from an economic incentive package from the state. Governor Jay Nixon made the announcement Tuesday at the company's Monroe City location which will gain 43 new jobs. Palmyra will gain 37 jobs. These jobs will help the company stay competitive in the automotive field.

"The auto industry that we're building in the Show-Me state, with the over a billion dollar investment by Ford on the Kansas City side and the $180 million investment by GM, the other OEMs and others around the state that are making those investments, help strengthen this network and add to the demand of large international companies to get the kind of quality workmanship, and quality products that come out of place like Continental," Nixon said.

"It's a family-owned company and they think about the people and the area they do business in and it will benefit all of northeast Missouri," Palmyra Mayor Loren Graham said.

"I hope it's a trend. I hope it's just the beginning," Minor said.

Continental Casting began in 1998 and today employs 215 workers between its two plants.