Got a cold? Think herbal

Deborah Lee has been studying herbs her whole life, in fact, she calls herself an herbal educator. She says while herbs taste great in food, they can serve other purposes, too.

"There's so many things that we can do to prevent getting sick or when we first start to get a cold of flu or something else where we don't need to go to the doctor," Lee said. "I think it's important that we take personal responsibility for our health and we can do that in a way that's very safe. I like to use the words health-enhancing herbs."

Lee teaches medicinal herbal classes at her Four Winds Farm. She says one of the most basic ways herbs can be used is in hot tea.

Try steeping some peppermint and stevia leaves in simmering water. You know the tea is ready when the green herb color is gone.

When winter hits, herbs aren't easily accessible. Lee says, try drying them out, you can us a dehydrator or hang them over your stove or in a hot attic.

You can also try a tincture method. Just put your herbs or a flower-like Echinacea in a jar and pour vodka or vinegar over it. When the color has faded transfer the liquid to a dropper.

"Echinacea has been shown to boost the immune system," Lee said. "And so for me, when I start to get a cold or flu then I'll take two or three drops."

You can also try making salves or ointments to be used on dry skin, burns or cuts. Just simmer herbs and olive oil like you would the hot tea.

Remember these are just herbal tips.

"I'm not a medical doctor, so I can't give medical advice," Lee said. But you can follow Lee's path and become an herbal connoisseur.