Good news from local tourism

One good sign of the economy turning around is local tourism is up.

The Quincy Convention and Visitors Bureau brought in enough money in 2011 to receive a larger state grant for marketing.

Executive Director Holly Cain says numbers also are looking good for this year, which will mean more money for marketing next year.

And that promotion is not just for visitors, but for people who live in the community as well.

Quincy Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Holly Cain says, "People are really just, they still need to get away. It might just be a one day trip, might just be a one over night trip, but it's encompassing and seeing our whole area, our history, our attractions, and the great natural beauty of the area with the river, and again the affordability."

Even though the temperatures are cold, there are plenty of things to do in the winter.

Cain says there are also several new things coming in 2013.

This year was the 5 mile race on the Mississippi River.

Next year will be a 15 mile course for the more experienced kayaker.