Good news for horse lovers at Siloam Springs State Park

If you love to ride horses at Siloam Springs State Park we've got good news for you.

Horse lovers who use the trails at the park were forced to go elsewhere after heavy rains in April shut the trails down.

On friday the first of the trails, the blue trail, formerly known as Meyer's Loop will open to riders.

It cost about 20 thousand thousand dollars to repair the trails including widening them and making the drops off safer.

"The trail was probably in some places maybe as narrow as 3, 4 foot wide and with a severe drop and the bulldozer came in and we widened that out," say Site Superintendent Regan Ramsey. "It's probably at least 12 foot wide now."

The yellow trail should open in about a month and the red trail should be open near the end of the season.

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