Golfers want big change for Westview Golf Course

Kristen Aguirre taking a swing at Westview Golf Course

It's tee time at the Westview Golf Course. But if you're not ready to get on the green just yet, the facility has something in the works to warm you up.

Right now if you play 18 holes on a weekend it's between four and five hours," Matt Burry said. "Families don't have that time anymore so they're looking for fast, friendly, family oriented golf courses."

If you've been to the Westview Golf Course you may have noticed it's missing something.

"We get a lot of golfers that say 'we want to hit a bucket of balls before we go play,' we get a lot of that on the weekends from people who are from out of town," he said. "We tell them we don't have a driving range and everyone is always surprised when they hear that."

Westview Golf Director Matt Burry wants to help change that. He and the Quincy Park District which owns the facility is proposing a course renovation.

The plan calls for the back nine holes to be redone and the construction of a driving range/practice facility. It's expected to cost at most, $500,000.

"Building a driving range would be a positive impact for revenue," Burry said.

But making these changes to the golf course isn't just about creating more money.

"We've got to find ways to generate new golfers," Burry said. "There is no First Tee program anymore and we don't have the space without a driving range to be able to do group lessons."

Burry, a PGA Golf Pro, will give private lessons at the new range if the plan goes through.

"I like see more kids out here," he said. "We don't have as many kids as we use to and nationally golf numbers are dwindling. Golf is a sport you can play for a lifetime."

The Park District is holding an open forum to hear public input before any plans are finalized. The Westview Golf Course will have that public forum at its open house May 21st.

Plans for the renovations will be available for you to see.